At a certain convention this weekend, (No, not PAX, the other one), there was a WOW meet&greet and trivia panel. Did you know across all the Warcraft games, Sylvanas had six models? There was also a dev in attendance. No, not Ghostcrawler.

Aaaaanyway. This post is just to make a note. If "Padded Chestpiece of Broken Promises" ever turns up in game in some form, it originated at D*C, from a losing team who bet all their points on her having five... Then realised it was six right about the time they couldnt take the piece of paper back

(and I should know, my husband suggested it ;))

My gods its been two weeks...

So yeah, I'm not dead.

That would be too damn easy, apparently. Instead I have to go for physio as I have a trapped nerve which makes it diffiicult to stand for more than 10 minutes - not good when you're the sole carer for a physically disabled adult. Cooking is hell and we're too broke for takeout. Oh, and my Doctor now thinks that instead of the amitryptalin causing my fatigue it may be Chronic Fatigue or ME. Only way to find out? Take me off the tryptalin for a month, which means hello borderline psychosis.

I think I'd rather NOT know.

Ok, that's a lie, I'd like to know if the exhaustion and the all over aching and knackered joints is going to stop any time soon or if I should just stock up on Ibruprofen and live in my bed (this would require a laptop).

On the plus side of things, I somehow managed to get into the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beta before the Opt-In invites went out - I'd just like to point out (Iley I'm looking at you) that I signed an NDA on where the key came from. But hell, Death Knights are fun!

My muse has taken extended vacation, which is crap as I'm sitting on three fics that need updating right now (Two Who - one JE compliant one not, and the ongoing WoW one which I really should post the rest of the already written chapters on WoWfics except I don't know where my savefile went and I can't be arsed to copy them from and I wanted to write another peice of silly fluff for shinyopals and see if I can do more extended comedy without going cheesy. I usually fail.

Oh well, two months and I wash my hands of Ventura. Can't bloody wait, at least the Council pays me on time (which I'm still rather stunned about. You'd expect them to be the ones to screw up all the time, not the company you work for. Heh, maybe I had too much faith in the big V...)

And Then The Phone Rings...

Title: And Then The Phone Rings
Rating: PG
Characters: Ten/Rose, Donna, OFC
Warnings: Complete crack!fic drabble, sort of set in the Soul of Time verse but stands alone. Well, in the corner, giggling. Totally NONE JE compliant. *g*
Author's Notes: I blame shinyopals entirely.

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Yet more *SQUEE*

It works! And its just as easy to use as I remeber and... Ok, lots of animated icons incoming...

(My userpic isn't bad for a first attempt, even if my fiance did call me a perv ;))


I has found Animation Studio!

Right, all I'm gonna be doing for the forseeable is making animated icons and bouncing in my chair a lot.

(After some sleep, and my TMA is done, and... err... well, we'll get there before the end of tomorrow today.(I just realised its like 3am))

Another non Who post.

And no, I'm not doing this just for you shinyopals (but you can think that if you like *wink*). I'm doing it to vent, because goddamnit why does everything have to go wrong at once.

You know something's up when even your Doctor wants you to have some good luck. And peices to stop falling off you - so far I'm losing a vast amount of hair, and a toenail. Yes, I know that's a bit EWW but it proves the point that I'm falling apart *headdesk*.

Buuuut no, the Universe does NOT want to be nice, because today I found out that someone who SHOULDN'T be reading one of the forums I work on, IS. And that the owner gave him permission WITHOUT TELLING THE OTHER ADMINS. So, this is the Admin board where we discuss any possible membership issues and generally vent/let loose, and this dick has been reading it all.

I mean, come on. Some of the stuff I've posted in there, I do not WANT the entire forum populace knowing about, and this guy is a gob on legs. Worse, the bloody Owner is AWOL at the moment due to possible pending legal action oh wait he's posted. Only took him THREE weeks. Christ, I'm running this place for him and taking all this crap, I need a break.

Can we afford a holiday? Can we HELL. I'm still owed last month's SSP and they're in no rush to give it to me, or to explain what's going to happen to those of us on Long Term Sick.


Can I have a break now, please?

Despite the Icon, this is a non-Who post.

So, I got made redundant yesterday. Whilst off sick, with a stress related condition. Whee relapse *headdesk*

That wasn't directly what I wanted to post about. Since they're laying off the entire department, managers and all, there's been some... amusing... stuff going on, including:

  • Half the department taking lunch at the same time, going to the pub and not coming back for the rest of their shift
  • People playing paper tennis with wads of paper around the room and ignoring the phones
  • Agreeing on daft scripts to use on the last day of work
  • Facebook groups being made and much bitching going on
  • The Sales Board now has "Fuck sales, we have no JOBS" written on it and NO ONE has removed it yet - this is right next to the managers desk mind.
  • Wheelie chair races
  • Seeing who can manage to find what on the internet before the firewall implodes
  • Forty minute smoke breaks
  • Job hunting and calling prospective employers from work
  • Any vague pretense of uniform rules have been thrown out
Additionally, the team leaders and managers were taken out for the majority of the day to have their severance packages explained as well as more information (that they should have had YESTERDAY instead of the stupid announcement script they had to read) on how this is all going to work, as well as a final date for the closure of the department.

The only conference room big enough for this was two floors up, which meant that the ENTIRE floor was unsupervised for three hours. The dept above apparently kept coming down to tell them to stop chanting "<company> is a bunch of fuckers" and singing. Did they care? Did they hell.

And how I know all this? One of my colleagues called me from work while most of it was going on. They said I was sad I was missing all the fun, but to be honest, I'm better off out of it.

Changing, Adapting, Learning 2/?

Title: Changing, Adapting, Learning.
Rating: This part, G - Fic will be R/Adult overall
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Rose (see note), Jackie, Pete, Toby
Author's Note: This fic is Journey's End compliant and relies on the reader having seen the episode or have a damn good idea of what happened.
Spoiler Warning: All of Season 4 - see above.

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